The History of Cervelo Bikes

In the history of cycling companies, Cervélo bikes are a relatively new and pioneering company. Having only been set up in 1995, the company has seen substantial growth and success making it one of the leading bike manufacturers around today!

The Cervélo Cycles brand was born when two cycling fanatics decided to take their hard work developing the best time trial bikes to the open market. Phil White and Gérard Vroomen set up the company after a top Italian cyclist approached them to help design the fastest possible time trial bike. The cyclist felt his sponsor could only develop traditional bikes developed through the combination of off the shelf tubesets and he had decided that he wanted more. He approached Gérard with the hope of a brand new innovative, aerodynamic design which was specifically for time trials.

Their work began analysing the current bikes available and the most important features which should be included in the new design. This resulted in a completely unique bike built specifically for that rider and pushed almost every boundary of any other time trial bike. Obviously, in the bike world, this became a phenomenon and everywhere it was seen, people asked where they could get their own.

In 1996 Cervélo launched with two road bikes and two trial/triathlon bikes. The technology was so radical that pro cyclists were at first reluctant to try them. They had got used to the bike they currently owned and did not want to start compromising wins to test the new bike. However, in 2000 new rules were bought in regarding equipment by the International Cycling Union which made many of the bikes cyclist currently used, illegal. This was a hue turning point for the company who had planned for these changes and previously released a new model line which adhered to the rules.

Since then Cervélo have achieved numerous successes. The company became the youngest and smallest company to provide bikes to a professional team in 2003 when they became the official bike supplier for team CSC. Team CSC then were crowned the number 1 pro cycling team for the next three consecutive years. In 2008 this relationship ended and 2009 saw Cevélo launch their own pro cycling team which was led by Carlos Sastre, winner of the Tour de France 2008.

More recently Cervélo has gone from strength to strength and at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, over 40 riders competed on Cervélo bikes resulting in 10 Olympic Medals. Their newest 2010 bike range consists of four categories of bikes. Two road bike ranges named the R range and S range, the P range of Triathlon and time trial bikes and the T range of track bikes and Cevélo bike frames.