How to Wear a Bicycle Helmet Properly

Wearing a helmet is basic in cycling, but many don’t know how to do it properly. So here are some guidelines on how to wear a bicycle helmet properly.

How to Choose a Bicycle Helmet

Helmets today are more easier to adjust and more comfortable to wear compared to several years ago. There are many less costly options for all ages. Just keep in mind these helpful tips when purchasing one.

• Look for a seal of approval from organizations such as CPSC of Consumer Product Safety Commission, ANSI or American National Standards Institute, or Snell Memorial Foundation.

• Be sure the helmet fits snugly. It must not move more than one each in any direction — back and front or side to side. Use the sizing pads to help you make the fit more secure. Choose one with a ponytail port if you have long hair.

• Seriously consider visibility. If the straps obstruct your vision, even a little bit, try another helmet. See to it that other cyclists, motorists, and drivers can see you. Choose a white or a bright-colored one. Consider one that comes with lights when you ride or commute at night.

Rules for Wearing Bicycle Helmet

• General rules are the same with kids and adults.
• Wear the bicycle helmet flat on top of your head.
• Make sure the helmet covers the top of your forehead without tilting it forward or backward.
• The straps must be forming a V shape under each ears.
• Fasten the chin strap just below your chin and not on the side or along your jaw.
• Use the sizing pads if it moves from side to side or from back to front.
• The distance between the helmet and your eyebrows should be two fingers or about two inches.
• You should be able to fit a finger under your chin when checking if the strap fits properly.

Common Mistakes on How to Wear a Bicycle Helmet

• Take note that the back of your head is more vulnerable to impact if the helmet is tilted forward. Tighten the chin strap to keep it flat on your head. If it still moves forward, try a smaller helmet.

• The front and side of your head are vulnerable to impact if the helmet tips backward. Tighten the chin strap if this happens. If it keeps on tipping forward, try a smaller bicycle helmet.

Follow these guidelines on how to wear a helmet properly for you to have safer riding experiences.