Getting Into Gear for the Sport of Cycling

Cycling these days is now considered a sport rather than merely a commuting or pleasure-filled activity. In an era where most people are encouraged to be healthy in any way they can, this has been a mode preferred by a lot of people. Not only does it work on toning and strengthening the muscles on your lower extremities, you also get the added advantages that are already associated with riding a bike: being able to enjoy the scenery as well as travel to some destination without need of public transportation or gas-run vehicle.

What Type of Bike for Training?

When you, as cyclist, start to treat this activity as a sport, one of the first things you need to do is find a bike to train in. The best type of bike, according to the experts, is the fixed-wheel or more commonly known as a fixie. This type of bike, in contrast to the freewheel, usually runs on a single gear, and the drive chain from the pedal runs along a cog fixed directly to the back wheel hub, so when the back wheel moves, the pedals will also move with it. So, what makes this the best bike to train with? The rider using this bike is assured that constant pedaling is done for as long as the bike is running, so he or she will learn what their pedaling style is and even become flexible in maneuvering the pedals depending on the terrain he or she is riding on. However, you can see these bikes mostly on track cycling where the roads are smooth and even.

Where to Get the Bike?

Just like in any other activity, it is never advisable to buy equipment brand-new unless you are definite about your commitment to the activity. In the case of bicycles, there are plenty of sellers who deal second-hand bikes you can use. Although a fixed-wheel bike has been with us since the very beginning of the invention of this mode of transportation, there was a point in history when its production and popularity declined with the advent of the multi-gear, free-wheel bike. However, it never completely disappeared and has, in fact, regained favor in recent years due to the increased interest by urbanites who just want a simple and easy ride for commuting within the city. One can now see new models with modernized designs of this bike. Its improved popularity will surely mean more of these bikes can be seen in second-hand shops. If you really prefer brand-new selections, you can also check out fixie options online. Think only of investing in new and better models once you’ve realized that this bike suits you.

How to Keep It Going?

Just like any product made by man, you would need to care for it so that its quality and condition remain in the best form. Cleaning and oiling the chain on a regular basis is probably the one activity you should never forget to do. For the other parts of the bike, try not to hose down the various parts so that water is not retained in the deep recesses of your bike mechanism, as this could result in rusting and accelerated wear-and-tear. Instead, make use of a wet rag dipped in a pail of soapy water and clean with care.