Do You Know How to Avoid a Bike Accident?

Since riding a bicycle has become more and more common, so, too are accidents involving other vehicles and bikers. While considered a fun and active mode of transportation, bicycling can also be dangerous. If you are a cyclist, make sure you know some tips on how to avoid a vehicle and bike accident. Safer biking makes for safer roads, and can help to avoid possibly tragic bikes crashes.

One of the most dangerous places for a bicyclist to be is at an intersection. Most car and bike crashes occur when riding through an intersection. As a biker it is important to learn safety precautions to avoid a bike accident in the first place.

One of the first things to do is to make sure that you are visible to car drivers. Check to make sure that your bike is equipped with proper lights, both the front and rear of the cycle should have fully operating lamps. Wear reflective clothing, night or day to ensure that you can be seen easily. Learn how to be a defensive bicyclist. Watch for obvious potential problems, and learn maneuvers to be able to avoid a car and bike accident.

Often, the injuries suffered by victims of bike crashes involve a broken arm or leg. Most fatal injuries for a bike accident victim involve head injuries. Wearing a helmet, mandated by law in many areas, has reduced the extent of damage from head injury by over 80% in bike crashes. A head injury often ranges from a fairly small bump, which may include a mild concussion to a very severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). Facial scratches and scrapes are common as well, with an occasional abdominal injury from coming into contact with the handle bars if thrown off the bike.

When bicyclists follow the rules of the road, they lessen the chances of a serious bike accident injury. Generally speaking, one of the main reasons for traffic accidents involving motorists and bike riders is one of both of them not following right of way laws. Since a bike is legally considered to be a vehicle, they are required to follow the same laws regarding right of way. Many car and bike incidents occur at stop signs. As a legal vehicle, a bike rider is required to stop at all stop signs, although it is very common for a biker to blow right through a stop sign after a quick glance to see if someone is coming. Bike accidents at stop signs are the most common type of crash with a vehicle, and most often the biker is at fault. Simply stopping at the stop sign as legally required can make a big difference in making cycling safer.