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Hybrid Cycling

Torn between the heavy, rugged mountain bikes and the light, swift road bikes? If you’re looking for a ride that fills this wide gap between the two, a good hybrid bike might be best for you. With the optimal combination of different road and mountain bike features, you can find a hybrid to fill just about any slot in this gap. It’s a ride considered to be the Swiss knife of cycling.

The Specs

Hybrid bikes usually have frames that are lighter compared to those of a mountain bike’s but heavier than a road bike’s. Like mountain bikes, its handlebars are typically flat and the rider sits in a more upright position than when on a road bike. Hybrids have larger wheels, like road bikes, only heavier and more solidly constructed than race wheels. Tires are a compromise between the smooth, narrow, high-pressure tire of a road bike and the fat, wide, markedly knobbed tire of a mountain bike.

The “Typical” Hybrid

There’s really no “typical” hybrid bike characterization. This type of ride runs the entire range from the pure mountain to the pure road bike.

At the mountain bike end of the scale, a hybrid can be made to be up to the task of riding on well-maintained gravel paths and beginning-level, non-technical trails.

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How to Wear a Bicycle Helmet Properly

Wearing a helmet is basic in cycling, but many don’t know how to do it properly. So here are some guidelines on how to wear a bicycle helmet properly.

How to Choose a Bicycle Helmet

Helmets today are more easier to adjust and more comfortable to wear compared to several years ago. There are many less costly options for all ages. Just keep in mind these helpful tips when purchasing one.

• Look for a seal of approval from organizations such as CPSC of Consumer Product Safety Commission, ANSI or American National Standards Institute, or Snell Memorial Foundation.

• Be sure the helmet fits snugly. It must not move more than one each in any direction — back and front or side to side. Use the sizing pads to help you make the fit more secure. Choose one with a ponytail port if you have long hair.

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Getting Into Gear for the Sport of Cycling

Cycling these days is now considered a sport rather than merely a commuting or pleasure-filled activity. In an era where most people are encouraged to be healthy in any way they can, this has been a mode preferred by a lot of people. Not only does it work on toning and strengthening the muscles on your lower extremities, you also get the added advantages that are already associated with riding a bike: being able to enjoy the scenery as well as travel to some destination without need of public transportation or gas-run vehicle.

What Type of Bike for Training?

When you, as cyclist, start to treat this activity as a sport, one of the first things you need to do is find a bike to train in. The best type of bike, according to the experts, is the fixed-wheel or more commonly known as a fixie. This type of bike, in contrast to the freewheel, usually runs on a single gear, and the drive chain from the pedal runs along a cog fixed directly to the back wheel hub, so when the back wheel moves, the pedals will also move with it. So, what makes this the best bike to train with? The rider using this bike is assured that constant pedaling is done for as long as the bike is running, so he or she will learn what their pedaling style is and even become flexible in maneuvering the pedals depending on the terrain he or she is riding on. However, you can see these bikes mostly on track cycling where the roads are smooth and even.

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Bicycle Trailers – Safety for Children

Bicycle trailers set lower to the ground and motorist have more difficulty seeing them. Most bicycle carriers come with a tall orange safety flag on back of the trailer. Always make sure the safety flag is attached before heading out on the road.

The ball and socket assembly that hitch the trailer to the bike is an important safety feature. It would be wise and safer to have because the trailer won’t tip over if the bike does.

The wheels should have reflectors and reflective material on cover. Check the stitches in the material and the quality of construction. Covers should be strong, waterproof and protect your child from the sun. Construction should be steel and lightweight.

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Where Is the Power in a Cycling Power Meter?

This article is to give you “The Power” that can be found within a cycling power meter.

Whether we use a power meter or not in our cycling we can learn a lot about what the data tells us. To focus on the data itself is the error; the data is simply a reflection of you and the sum of your performance / fitness variables for that effort or training session. The key is to understand why your power outputs are up or down, what factors affect it and how the relationship of power to heart rate is crucial to understanding. Read on to get your golden keys to understanding where the true power is….

First of all it is important to note that any power data is irrelevant without duration and longer duration aerobic energy system efforts are better understood when considered with heart rate. After all:

power = energy / time or watts = joules / second

What this means is it is not just how much power or energy we can produce but it is over what duration. A great example is the track running 100m dash. The runner who wins is able to expend the most relative energy (to size / drag and mass) over that duration. This lends the ultimate hint to where the power is.

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Benefits of Cycling – Not Just For Your Health

A recent study has brought to light that riding a bike rather than driving a car could save billions when it comes to the cost of the health service and the money spent on problems concerning the environment. The cost of those who have bad health due to lack of fitness is increasing and the pollution caused by cars and other vehicles is also growing to a cost that the government cannot afford to pay.

Tons and tons of money is being spent in the health industry on those who are unhealthy and patients who are unfit. It is believed that cycling could reduce the detrimental cost on the health service. It could also help citizens become healthier which in turn would mean the health service spends less money on treatment and curing those who are not as fit as they should be.

The cost of repairing the environment after the pollution of cars and vehicles could also be greatly reduced if more people cycled instead of driving a motor vehicle. With less cars on the road the pollution and impact on the environment would be a lot lower and this would result in less money spent on reversing the implications that global warming brings with it. Restoring the environment back to its original state requires a lot of money and this could be massively reduced if less people drove each day.

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5 Top Tips to Stay Warm Whilst Cycling

If you’ve been thinking how you can keep yourself warm whilst cycling this winter you are not the only one! No doubt you’ll be freezing your proverbials off as it gets colder. With all our “learnings” we have put together 5 top tips for staying warm whilst on your bike.

Tip 1 – Keep your ears, feet and hands warm

Cold ears, feet and hands are one of the quickest ways to ruin a nice winter ride. A simple headband will keep your ears toasty and fit under your helmet comfortably.

A good pair of thick socks will keep your feet warmer. However, if you wear cycling shoes you will notice the effect of a pair of overshoes immediately.

Gloves are a bit tricky. A good fit is essential and I don’t want so much insulation that my grip on the levers is compromised.

Tip 2 – Stay dry

Getting really wet is the final nail in the coffin for me when it comes to cold weather cycling. A drenched bum or a soaked through jacket can take away a lot of a ride’s fun.

A simple rear mud guard can make a big difference. There are plenty on the market and, with a bit of creativity you can even create your own with an old water bottle!

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The Best LED Cycle Lights

Which are the best LED cycle lights for you?

No matter whether you are someone who only rides their cycle intermittently or if you are someone who rides daily or regular long distances, you will want to take advantage of the best LED cycle lights on offer. Good cycle lights keep you safe on the road ensuring that you are seen and can see where you are going after dark. Riding after dark is a hazardous business for those who are ill prepared; even in well-lit areas such as busy towns and cities or suburban streets, you may struggle to see obstacles ahead if your cycle lights are not of suitable power that the road ahead is somewhat illuminated. This is just one of the reasons why it is important to buy the best LED cycle lights which you can afford.

The best LED cycle lights; what types are available?

Not only are the best LED cycle lights available easily but they are also available in more than one form. All cycles must have working front and rear lights by law but in addition to these lights, it is possible to maximise your visibility and thus maximise your safety with other additions. One way to utilize the best LED lights and which has already been mentioned briefly is the LED headlamp. An LED headlamp is a wonderfully versatile cycle light in that it serves two purposes. Not only does it ensure that any cyclist wearing one is visible to oncoming traffic and pedestrians but it also provides the cyclist with a movable light source. Because the light is attached to a helmet, it is directional.

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Fun Gadgets for Cyclists

If your other half is a keen sportsperson, it’s nice to be able to incorporate that into a gift idea for them to show that you put some thought into the present. What gifts then might be good for a keen cyclist. The answer is that there is a lot of gadgetry to be purchased for a keen cyclist. One important fact to remember is even if they already have something, then they would probably appreciate a newer and better one. Cycling kit wears out or gets rusty or dated pretty quickly so don’t worry too much about whether your beloved already has a piece of kit. If they’re anything like me, all of there gear is 10 years old from a time before the children were born and when money could be spent on your won hobbies. Here’s my top 10 list of the things I’d like to be given:

Bike Pump – You can consider either a floor stand pump for the pump that stays are home or a hand pump that can be mounted on the bike. Try to find one that has an adapter and can be used for either Schrader or Presta valves.

Inner Tubes – You can’t have too many spare inner tubes and it is very irritating to get a puncture and realise you have no spares. Make sure you sneak into the garage before you order some of these to ensure you’re getting the right tyre size

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Turbo Trainer

Turbo trainers allow cyclists to convert their usual cycles into indoor exercise bicycles. This has its own advantages and disadvantages, though, on a whole, cyclists recommend the use of turbo trainers.


• Turbo trainers allow the cyclist to save space in the house. Buying an indoor exercise bicycle would mean that the cyclist has to make room for two bikes in the house. However, with this trainer, he or she can convert their existing bicycle into an indoor bicycle.

• Buying this type of trainer means that the cyclist saves an amount equivalent to the cost of a new bicycle. Thus, they are quite inexpensive and affordable.

• They allow the cyclist to experience the feel of their own cycle. Thus, the cyclist does not have to make any posture adjustments while training with the turbo trainer. This ensures that there is minimal time lost in the adjustment and readjustment processes.