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Bicycle Saddle Sore: 6 Most Common Causes

If you know the things that can cause bicycle saddle sore, you can surely avoid this biking discomfort and have a more enjoyable and comfortable experience.

If your bike fits you just fine, the following bicycle fit faults may be the root of bicycle saddle sore:

1. Poor Saddle

A poor saddle is the most common cause of bicycle saddle sore. Some bike seats are too cushy and some are too hard. A saddle that is too soft (with too much gel or padding) will make you sink down from the weight of your sit bones. This causes the mid part of your bike seat to push up and place additional pressure on your soft tissues.

Most of the time, a firmer saddle can be better especially for longer rides. A good bike seat for women should have good padding for the sit bones. Having a split or a groove is said to provide more comfort as it relieves pressure on the perineum and improves blood circulation. It is important for the cut-out to extend forward to move pressure on the right area. A female-specific saddle is important for most women. Bikes that are not so come with men’s seats, which are not really designed for the female anatomy.