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Remember When Cycling Used to Be Fun?

Everything has gotten so complicated in today’s world that we often lose sight of the simple pleasures that we once treasured as children. When I was younger, I didn’t spend the majority of my day sitting in front of a television or playing video games. I came home from school and after a brief wave to my mother I was headed out the door again to get some fresh air and sunshine. I would get together with my friends and we would play, when it came time for dinner, there would be fresh healthy meals to enjoy. The funny thing is, not a single one of us was overweight.

Fast track to twenty years later… over 60% of my friends are now battling weight problems (and several depression). They try dieting, not by eating healthy foods, but eating strange pre-packaged and prepared foods that wouldn’t have been recognizable as sustenance twenty years ago. They drag themselves to the gym every day to run in place while staring at a television screen. And some, even resort to pills or surgery. Why is it that no one has bothered to look at the habits that we had as thin healthy children, and incorporated them into your lives now?